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Built in the late 1960 /early 1970 by the British Aircraft Corporation this mock-up cockpit, which this tour is based on, was primarily designed to facilitate the positioning of the instruments into the most suitable operational locations. It was later used for lighting tests to determine the correct levels of light to be used in the cockpit.
Towards the later end of its useful life it was used as a basic training tool for Airline pilots as the Production aircraft and Simulator were not yet available.
In design this mock up is pretty close that of a Concorde cockpit today 90% of the instruments and switches are real with only some items such as airline specific radios and navigations systems being wooden mock ups.

From the 4 options below select the area that you want to know about in more detail. This will give you a close up for this area where you can click on the picture for details on the individual instruments and controls.

Note!!! This section is still under construction but I will activate the links as each section progresses. Parts of the fight control tour are now on-line.