North American Tour - Toronto

BA097 : London LHR to Toronto Pearson International

Oct 1st 2003

British Airways Concorde G-BOAG has visited Toronto at the start of the mini North American cities tour, that will also see Washington and Boston receive special farewell visit from Concorde.

Alpha-Golf, flying as Speedbird Concorde 97, under the command of Captain Les Brodie, departed from London Heathrow at 16:37. Also on board Concorde was Captain Ron Weidner, flying as co-pilot.

The aircraft made good progress and landed at around 3:30 local time, at Pearson International Airport, Toronto, less than 4 hours after it departed from the UK. The event was covered live on local TV news stations.

Concorde has visited Toronto many times since it entered service in 1976, the last such visit was by G-BOAC on in October 1999."Toronto has embraced Concorde with the same wonderful enthusiasm with which it has supported all of our services over the last 40 years,” praises the airline’s David Noyes (executive vice president BA for North America).

" We wanted to bring the aircraft here one final time to show our appreciation."

" For more than 40 years, Torontonians have been strong supporters of British Airways," Mr. Noyes said. "And British Airways is very proud to be able to fly Concorde into Canada one last time before her retirement on October 24th."

Captain Les Brodie told the local TV station CTV, that the aircraft travelled the 3,800 miles in 3 hours 44 minutes and reached at height of 54,000ft. A special reception was held inside on of the airports hangers, where the passengers all got a chance to view Concorde up close

The following day the aircraft positioned on a subsonic flight to New York. Although the flight would be subsonic, all one hundred $1000 seats were still sold out for the flight in under two days of them going on sale

A website dedicated to the flight can be found at

Beofre departure the crew thanked Toronto over the radio for their help over the years, saying it it had been great working with them. To listen to the ATC exchange click here for the clip as an MP3 file.

Alpha Golf's positioning to New York will allow the airline to operate an additional JFK-LHR flight on Friday. The BA004 departed shortly after 1pm and arrive into Heathrow at 22:00.

Aircraft G-BOAG (214)

Capt Les Brodie (Commander)

Capt Ronald Weidner

SFO Mark Walden

SEO Keith Brotherhood

London LHR - 16:37
Toronto 15:22
Flight Time
3hrs 44mins

Flight Path


Picture Gallery

G-BOAG blasts off of 09R at Heathrow

Alpha-Golf heads for Toronto

Away into the distance, but still on full power

Alpha-Golf on short finals into Pearson.

Oleg Ace

G-BOAG lands on runway 33 at Toronto

Pascal Gaudreau

Concorde lands at Toronto

TVgrab from CTV

Thepassengers leave after the trip of a lifetime

TVgrab from CTV

Capt Les Brodie interviewed on The flight Deck

TVgrab from CTV

The aircraft in the hangar for a VIP reception

The aircraft was kept in the hangar overnight

Concorde taxies for departure as the BA97 to JFK

Gary R. Tinnes

Concorde leaves Toronto for the final time

Blair Clayton