BA9010C - Sept 11th 2001

Aircraft G-BOAF (216)
CREW Capt Mike Bannister (BA Concorde Chief Pilot)
Capt Andy Barnwell (Senior Concorde Pilot)
SEO Woodcock (Senior Engineering officer)

Departure London Heathrow 10:48 UK
Arrival London Heathrow 14:02 UK
Routing Heathrow - Bristol Channel - South of Ireland - Bay of Biscay - South of Ireland- Bristol Channel - Heathrow
Flight aims Operational Assessment flight - First passenger flight
Verification of procedures and service levels to be used when the aircraft returns to Airline service
All the passengers were BA staff who have been involved with Concorde
Note During this flight, shortly before arrival back into Heathrow, the terrorist attack took place in New York.

Alpah Foxtrot taxies out of the 'Victors' Cul De Sac at Heathrow's Terminal4
G-BOAF lines up on runway 27L
Take off from LHR Runway 27L
Alpha Foxtrot heads down the runway with passengers onboard for the first time in 13 months
Heading back in to Heathrow

Safely home after the first Operational Assessment flight