BA9093C - Oct 22nd 2001

Aircraft G-BOAF (216)
CREW Captain. Brodie
Captain. Norris
Captain. Williams
Engineering Officer. Carrigan
Departure London Heathrow 11:11 UK
Arrival New York - JFK 09:36am EST
Routing Heathrow 27R - Bristol Channel - North Atlantic - JFK
Flight aims Final Operational assessment flight
Check out of procedures to be used on full New York service
Run through of turnaround procedures in New York

G-BOAF heads out over threshold of London Heathrow after taking off from Runway 27R
Reuters picture
G-BOAF heads out of London Heathrow taking off from Runway 27R
AP picture
The moisture in the air streams from the top of Alpha Foxtot's wings
Reuters picture
Speedbird Concorde 9093 with all 4 reheats boosting her out of Heathrow
Reuters picture
BA9093 lands at New York'S JFK airport.
AP picture
Alpha Foxtrot Taxies to the Gate at JFK for the first time in over a year
AP picture
G-BOAF taxies in towards the British Airways terminal in New York.
Reuters picture