BA9150E - Feb 8th 2002

Aircraft G-BOAF (216)
CREW Capt. Mike Bannister (BA chief Concorde Pilot)
Senior Engineering Officer Brotherhood
Departure London Heathrow 13:44 UK
Arrival London Heathrow TBC
Routing Heathrow 27R - Bristol Channel - Westbound on Supersonic Track SM - Left Turn at 30 West to establish onto track SN - Eastbound on Supersonic Track SM - Exmoor- Heathrow 27R
Flight aims 2nd Verification flight of G-BOAD
Final Check out of Aircraft Systems before aircraft returns to full passenger service
Test results N/A

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G-BOAD waits to 'cross the road' to the main airport from the BA east base.
'Alpha Delta' crossing the road
A close up of the new Michelin NZG tyres
G-BOAD taxis to the threshold of Heathrow R27R
Alpha Delta taxis to line up on the Heathrow runway
All 4 re-heats lit as G-BOAD powers down runway 27R Heathrow