BA9151E - July 16th 2002

Aircraft G-BOAC (204)
CREW Captian Mike Bannsiter (BA Chief Concorde Pilot)
Captain Andy Baillie
SEO Dave Hoyle
SEO Keith Brotherhood
SEO Alan Everett
Departure London Heathrow 12:41 UK
Arrival London Heathrow 15:51 UK
Routing Heathrow 27R - Bristol Channel - Westbound on Supersonic Track SM - Left Turn at 30 West to establish onto track SN - Eastbound on Supersonic Track SM - Exmoor- Heathrow 27R
Flight aims 2ms Airtest of G-BOAC
Further check out of aircraft systems
Confirm any issues from first airtest have been corrected.
Test results N/A

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G-BOAC is prepared for the flight outside the 'majors' hanger at Heathrow Powered up! 'Alpha Charlie' sets off on her airtest
Concorde 204 turns onto runway 27R at Heathrow
Lined up and ready to deaprt on the 2nd airtest
The 'Rocket' thunders down Heathrow's runway 27R
Concorde G-BOAC swoops down onto Runway 27R at the end of aer 2nd airtest
Coming in for another successful landing at Heathrow.
'Alpha Charile' crosses the road to return to the BA base after the flight
Safely home, the crew prepare to power off the aircraft's engines and systems
Under tow, G-BOAC on the way to Tech Block A's 'East Pen' at Heathrow
The nose is back up but the visor is still down in this picture
Captain Mike Bannister gives a wave at the end of the airtest from 'Alpha Charlies' captain's seat