BA9171 E - November 1st 2001

Aircraft G-BOAG (214)
CREW Captain Mike Bannister (Chief BA Concorde Pilot)
Departure London Heathrow 11:22 UK
Arrival London Heathrow 15:29 UK
Routing Heathrow 27R - Bristol Channel - South of Ireland - Bay of Biscay - South of Ireland- Bristol Channel - Heathrow 27R
Flight aims 2nd Verification flight of G-BOAG
Further Check out of Aircraft Systems
Crew training
Freefall test of landing gear carried out

G-BOAG on short finals into Heathrow. Note the secondary gear doors are open Alpha Golf dips below the threshold of Heathrow airport's Runway 27R.
Concorde G-BOAG taxies up to the BA engineering base A close up of the front of Alpha Golf as she crosses the road.
The secondary front gear doors - open after the freefall test. The main gear's secondary doors also hang open after the systems check.
G-BOAG on the way back to her hanger in Tech Block A. Not the tail bumper wheel is not deployed Wave to the camera!!!...well maybe not...
G-BOAG under tow up to BA's Tech Block A Alpha Golf is towed into the "West Pen" hanger where her mod was carried out...Bumper wheel is now deployed after hydraulics were re-applied.