BA9174 - Oct 19th 2001

Aircraft G-BOAG (214)
CREW Capt. Les Brodie
Capt. Owen
Capt Bates
Engineering Officer Hoyle
Engineering officer Trevor Norcott
6 BA engineers
Rolls-Royce engineer
1 CAA observer
Departure London Heathrow 10:48 UK
Arrival London Heathrow 13:52 UK
Routing Heathrow 09R - Bristol Channel - South of Ireland - Bay of Biscay - South of Ireland- Bristol Channel - Heathrow 09R
Flight aims Verification flight of G-BOAG
Check out of Aircraft Systems
Verification of fuel tank liner modifications under flight conditions
Testing out of Aircraft systems after 16 month being on the ground

G-BOAG heads out of London Heathrow taking off from Runway 09R G-BOAG taxies in front of Terminal 2 and the Heathrow spectators gallery
Heading down towards Runway 09R at Heathrow At the end of the flight G-BOAG is towed back to the Hanger
G-BOAG heads for Tech Block A "Alpha Golf" Passes by "Alpha Echo" on her way back to the hanger for a post flight inspection