BA9177E - July 11th 2002

Aircraft G-BOAC (204)
CREW Captian Mike Bannsiter (BA Chief Concorde Pilot)
Captain Andy Baillie
SEO Dave Hoyle
SEO Keith Brotherhood
SEO Alan Everett
Departure London Heathrow 15:25 UK
Arrival London Heathrow 18:22 UK
Routing Heathrow 27R - Bristol Channel - Westbound on Supersonic Track SM - Left Turn at 30 West to establish onto track SN - Eastbound on Supersonic Track SM - Exmoor- Heathrow 27R
Flight aims Verification flight of G-BOAC
Check out of Aircraft Systems that have been unused in flight for 23 months
Verification of modifications under flight conditions.
Test results N/A

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G-BOAC on Short Finals into Heathrow 'Alpha Charlie' arrives back after her verification airtest
Concorde G-BOAC touches down on runway 27R at Heathrow
BA's "flagship of flagships" taxies back to base
Under tow, G-BOAC on the way to Tech Block A at Heathrow
Engineering staff and the crew check out the aircraft soon after her arrival back into Heathrow