BA9181E - July 20th 2001

Aircraft G-BOAF (216)
CREW Mike Bannister (BA Concorde Chief Pilot)
Jock Reid (CAA / AIRBUS UK)
Les Brodie (BA Concorde Flight Training manager)
Bob Woodcock (Senior Engineering officer)
Trevor Northcot (Senior Engineering officer)
3 British Airways ground engineers
Robin Morton (Airbus UK Flight Test Engineer)
George Robinson (Airbus UK Flight Test Engineer)
Departure RAF Brize Norton13:50 UK
Arrival London Heathrow 17:08 UK
Routing RAF Brize Norton - Bristol Channel - South of Ireland - towards Iceland - South of Ireland- Bristol Channel - Heathrow
Test aims
Further Verification of fuel tank liner modifications under flight conditions to confirm results of BA9180E tests
Test results No yet published

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G-BOAF on short Finals into Heathrow
Concorde G-BOAF comes in to land on Heathrow's Runway 27L.
Picture courtesy of Max Kingsley-Jones
G-BOAF awaits clearence to cross the Perimeter road to to BA Maintainence block.
A Close up to the cockpit of Concorde 216 as she crosses the road.
The new Michelin NZG tyres appear to have performed well.
Nearly home: G-BOAF taxis under her own power to the BA base at LHR.
Engine Stop: the BA ground crew converge on 'Alpha Foxtrot'
Under tow to the main Concorde BA hanger - Tech Block A.
G-BOAF is towed to her hanger for post flight checks
A BA Boeing 777 shares the hanger with Concorde. The flight crew have yet to depart from the aircraft.