BA9185E - Sept 28th 2001

Aircraft G-BOAE (212)
CREW Capt. Brodie
Capt. Thompson
Capt. Woodley
SEO Carrigan
SEO Norcott
5 BA engineers
1 CAA observer
Departure London Heathrow 10:45 UK
Arrival London Heathrow 14:07 UK
Routing Heathrow 09R - Bristol Channel - South of Ireland - Bay of Biscay - South of Ireland- Bristol Channel - Heathrow 09R
Flight aims Verification flight of G-BOAE
Check out of Aircraft Systems
Verification of fuel tank liner modifications under flight conditions
Testing out of Aircraft systems

G-BOAE heads out of London Heathrow
G-BOAE landing back London Heathrow
Alpha Echo aproaching London Heathrow
G-BOAE taxies to the end of runway 09R
Coming in to Land
G-BOAE taxies London Heathrow
G-BOAE on runway 09R at London Heathrow
Alpha Echo taxing on the innder taxiway at London Heathrow
G-BOAE back to the hanger after the flight
A nose on view of Alpha Echo
The front of G-BOAE
G-BOAE's tail and rudder