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Pictures of Concorde 02 (F-WTSA) - Taken at Paris Orly Airport, France, in September 2002

Concorde 02 on display outside Orly airport, Paris. 02 was the second pre-production aircraft.
Like 01, it already featured the production spec droop nose and visor.
Another look at the nose and cockpit area.

This is the side loading door. Under this door are the static pressure panels that provide data to the Air Data Computers. They have been painted over now.

The VHF antenna is seen here above the forward cabin. Looking towards the rear of the aircraft, with the centre over-wing exit.

The main nose gear doors can be seen here as we look toward the nose.

A front shot of the unmistakeable shape of Concorde.
A pitot head for pressure data is fitted to the nose.
The no3 and no4 engine air intakes under the right hand wing.

Looking to the rear from just behind the nose gear.

The right hand wing and engine nacelle that would normally contain the no3 and no4 engines.

Fitted under the wing are the 3 PFCUs (powered flying control units) that move the elevons hydraulically.

The classic but complex shape of the Concorde delta wing.

Again the PFCUs and elevons can be seen.
These have been fixed in the up or neutral position, as without hydraulic power they would droop fully down.

Concorde's vertical stabiliser or tail, with one of the two rudder control PFCUs.

The tail is too thin to mount the PFCUs inside, as on traditional aircraft.

Looking forward over the wing. The rear door can also be seen here.

The secondary engine nozzles or buckets.

Concorde 02 was the first to be fitted with the bucket type nozzles.

In this picture all 3 elevons can also be seen.

The aircraft registration under the tail.

Looking forward from the centre of the aircraft - the forward baggage hold door can be seen.

Under the left wing: the 2 PFCUs for the centre and outer elevons. The exhaust area of the left engine nacelle, along with the left hand inner elevon and PFCU.

The rear of the aircraft.

Concorde 02 was the first to be fitted with the extended tail cone, that offered superior aerodynamic performance.

A close-up of the vertical stabiliser or tail. The bumper wheel is stored in the retracted position.

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