Pre-Production Aircraft 02 (102) - Landing Gear

Pictures of Concorde 02 (F-WTSA) - Taken at Paris Orly Airport, France, in September 2002

Looking front on to the Nose gear, and the cables securing the aircraft on the museum site The Gear is "production spec" but the spray guards has been removed, although part of their support structure remains
Visible in this picture, running horizontally, is the hydraulic steering jack and the oleg strut and torque links

The front gear and landing lights are visible here on the main doors

These deploy through 90 degrees when required.


Another view from the front and side of the nose gear assembly The right hand main gear
Looking from the rear at the main right hand gear

Rotated through 180 degrees this is the front of the gear.

The water deflector is not fitted, although the mounting point is visible

The aircraft does not actually rest on the tyres, but through metal mounts to the gear legs between the bogies

A close up of one of the Kebbler tyres that were fitted to the development aircraft.


Inside the wheel rims are special fans to cool the carbon brakes..another first for Concorde

The left main gear with the telescopic retraction strut and downlock Another view of the left main gear, with the drag strut visible at an angle from the main leg.
The main gear bay. The larger circumference area at the top of the strut in the foreground is the downlock Another view of the gear bay and its associated systems