Pre-Production Aircraft 02 (102) - Interior

Pictures of Concorde 02 (F-WTSA) - Taken at Paris Orly Airport, France, in September 2002

The area that leads to the cockpit.

Only the right-hand avionics bay is still in place. Also, most of the avionics that were installed behind these panels have been removed.

There would normally be a short and narrow corridor leading to the cockpit, with avionics equipment on each side.

The left-hand avionics bay has been removed to make viewing easier.

Looking through the perspex into the cockpit.

02's cockpit is very close to the production standard.

The centre pedestal (now empty and covered up) would contain airline specific equipment such as navigation aids and radios.

A closer view of the cockpit. Many of the controls and instruments were removed for use as spares.

The missing ones have been replaced with paper mock-ups.

On the side, part of the flight engineer's panel is visible.

The position from where this picture was taken would usually contain the left hand forward avionics bay.

The Concorde flight engineer's panel.

On this aircraft, apart from a few panels, it is still quite complete.

Looking from the aircraft entrance into the forward passenger cabin.

The forward passenger cabin has seating along one side.

At the start of this aircraft's life it was fitted out with test equipment.

Unfortunately the leather seats that were at one time on board the aircraft are now gone. The rear cabin houses a museum showcasing the Delta Wing.