The section documents the return to flight process through the best images that have been taken. It spans the time when the fleet were grounded in August 2000 through till the return of Concorde to scheduled services in November 2001.

The full-size pictures, where available, can be accessed by clicking on the thumbnail. They will open up in a new window

September 2000 - BA Concorde's G-BOAA, G-BOAB and G-BOAC are parked-up at Heathrow airport awaiting their fate September 2000 - The fleet were keep in tip top condition so there were ready to fly at a minutes notice
September 2000 - Air France Concorde F-BVFA awaits and an un-certain fate sealed up at CDG Airport, Paris. Picture by Vincent Gury F-BVFA and F-BFVB in storage outside at Paris CDG Picture by Vincent Gury
F-BVFC was stranded in New York after 25th July. The aircraft had earier the same day flewn the scheduled AF 002 flight from Paris and was set to return the next day, but this flight was cancelled and all Air France Concorde operations suspended Picture by Brian Stevenson 'Fox Charlie' was sealed up will red sealant tape and moved to a corner of the JFK parking lot to await a decision on what to do with the aircraft. Picture by Brian Stevenson
'Fox Charlie' departed for Paris from New York on Sept 21st 2000 F-BVFC retunred home to an emotional welcome by many at Air Fracne who feared this would be the very last Concorde flight
Jan 2001 - Regular engine runs had been scheduled on the BA fleet, here the Nose of G-BOAD is seen sticking of the the engine ground running bay Jan 2001- As G-BOAA and G-BOAB were schedule to have 'intermediate' checks, they were sealed up and placed in long term storage at Heathrow
Jan 2001 - British Airways being fitting the Kevlar Rubber liners to Concorde G-BOAF Jan 2001 - G-BOAF was rolled into the 'Majors' docking at Heathrow to serve at the prototype aircraft for the modifications
Jan 2001 - Mike Bannister, and Jim O'Sullivan in front of British Airways Concorde Alpha Foxtrot in Tech Block A at London Heathrow Jan 2001- Mike Bannister, BA Chief Concorde Pilot, shows off the liners that British Airways hoped would return Concorde to flight status
Jan 2001 - Air France hold a media conference to signal their Commitment to Concorde and to announce that F-BFVB will soon fly to the south of France for fule leak tests. Present are Edgar Chillard (Air France Chief Concorde Pilot) and Jean-Cyril Spinetta, (President of Air France ) Jan2001- The Air Fracne engineering team line up in front of Concorde F-BVFB, which this have re-stored to flight status for a trip to Istres in the South of Fracne for testing
18th Jan 2001 - Air France Ground staff prepare Concorde 'Fox Bravo' for the subsonic trip to the South of France Picture by Martine Tlouzeau 18th Jan 2001 - Final checks underway before the departure, the first from Charles De Gaulle since the accident on July 25, 2000 Picture by Martine Tlouzeau
18th Jan 2001 - F-BVFB running on ground power before the departure to Istres, Picture by Martine Tlouzeau 18th Jan 2001 - The flight crew board 'Fox Bravo' for the subsonic ferry flight to the test base at Istres Picture by Martine Tlouzeau
18th Jan 2001 - Fox Bravo's under wing area was pre-prepared for the commencement of the fuel leak flow tests that were scheduled to take place. Picture by Martine Tlouzeau 18th Jan 2001 - F-BFVB taxies past the emergency servcies, who were on standby for the departure, of the way to the end of the runway.
18th Jan 2001 - F-BFVB rotates on a very murky morning in Paris as the aircraft departs for testing 18th Jan 2001 - No sooner as the aircraft is in the air, it disapears from view into the low clouds base that hung in the Paris sky.

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