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This page lists the Major Events in Concorde's History, from the day she passenger service to the present day
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21st January 1976

BAC Picture
British Airways began a London - Bahrain service using G-BOAA (206)

Air France a Paris - Rio service, via Dakar with F-BVFA (205). Click for more details and pictures of the first scheduled flights

Start of Direct flights to the USA
24th May 1976

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Transatlantic Services to Washington DC from London and Paris began with two Concorde's, one in British Airways livery and the other in Air France livery landing at Dulles Airport, Washington. Before landing both aircraft simultaneously flew over the US capital and then made parallel approaches to Dulles Airport. Both aircraft touched down together, the British Concorde landed on runway 01L and the French Concorde on runway 01R. Special permission had been given by US Secretary of Transportation, William Coleman for these flights to take place.

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01 was retired to the Duxford
20th August 1977

Concorde G-AXDN (01) was retired to the Imperial War Museum, Duxford under the ownership of the Duxford Aviation Society.

Tests at Filton, which itself had a short runway were made to check that the aircraft could safely be landed and brought to a halt on the 6,000ft runway at Duxford.

The aircraft was Delivered on the flight from Filton to Duxford by Brain Trubshaw as Pilot and John Cochrane as Co-Pilot.

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Start of flights to New York
22nd November 1977

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After a long delay, due to protests over local noise, British Airways and Air France began services to New York from London and Paris.

Start of British Airways flights to Singapore

9th December 1977

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British Airways and Singapore Airlines began the London to Singapore via Bahrain service in 1977, but it only lasted for 3 flights before being suspended due to political reasons. It resumed in Jan 1979 and ran till Nov 1980.

British Airways Concorde G-BOAD had it left side painted in a Singapore Airlines livery from 1977 till 1980, while the right side retained its BA colours.

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Start of Braniff flights to Dallas
12th January 1979

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During January, 10 service Concorde aircraft (5 of British Airways & 5 of Air France) were re-registered for the subsonic service by Braniff (see 12th January). The 5 British Airways aircraft carried dual British and American registrations, and the Air France carried only American registrations. On 9th January: Concorde was awarded the US type certificate of airworthiness. and on the 12th January a A subsonic service was inaugurated by Braniff between Washington and Dallas (Fort Worth).

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G-BOAG returns to flight and flies with Red Arrows & the QEII
25th April 1985

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Concorde G-BOAG (214) unveiled the new interior furnishings and exterior livery for the British Airways Concorde fleet. The aircraft had been out of service for a long period of time and much of its equipment had been removed and used in the other British Airways Concorde's.

At the Royal International Air Tattoo the aircraft flew in formation with the RAF Red Arrows and with the QEII over the English Channel

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10 Years in Service - 4 Concordes together in formation
21st January 1986

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Concorde celebrated 10 years in commercial service, and had accumulated 71,000 supersonic flying hours.

British Airways Flew 4 Concordes, G-BOAA, G-BOAB, G-BOAC and G-BOAG in formation over the Atlantic.

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Concorde Helps celebrates Heathrow's 50th Birthday
2nd June 1996

2nd June: Concorde in formation with the RAF's Red Arrows performed a fly past for the 50th anniversary of London's Heathrow Airport.

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An Air France Concorde Painted in Pepsi Colours for an advertising campaign
April 1996

Dublin Visit Picture - Carl Ford
Air France Concorde : F-BTSD was painted in a "Pepsi" Livery for 2 weeks during 1996

Pepsi Cola undertook a major $500 million US re-branding project, which would be unveiled in 1996 after about two years of work. Pepsi therefore started to look around for a spectacular and efficient manner to advertise its new brand style and enhance its sales. It was eventually decided to have an advertisement operation involving the Concorde.

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Air France Concorde F-BTSC crashes in Paris
25th July 2000

Air France Concorde F-BTSC crashes in Paris, due to Engine failure after a tyre burst. All 109 people on board and 4 on the ground are killed

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British Airways perform a Supersonic verification flight
17th July 2001

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Concorde G-BOAF performs a Supersonic verification flight with. It is fitted with new tyres, Fuel tank liners and additional electrical shielding. The flight takes 3 hrs 20 mins and lands safely at RAF Brize Norton.

The fight proves to be sucessfully and the aircraft handles as expected with the modifications giving no un-expected effects.

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Re-Launch of Concorde Services after accident in Paris
7th Nov 2001

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Air France and British Airways re-start Concorde services to New York. Air France Concorde F-BTSD, as Flight AF002, departs Paris CDG at 10:30 Paris time arriving at New York at 8:20 EST

British Airways Concorde G-BOAE departs Heathrow Terminal 4, as BA001, at 10:30 UK local time and it similarly arrives in New York at 9:10 EST.

Later the same day British Prime Minister Tony Blair flies to Washington DC on board Concorde G-BOAF to meet the US president George W. Bush.

Click for more details and pictures of the British Airways and Air France service re-launch.

Concorde is Featured on Special Royal Mail Stamp
2nd May 2002

Post Office Picture
Exactly fifty years from the the world's first scheduled passenger jet service on the de Havilland Comet, on May2nd 1952, the UK's Royal Mail celebrates the dawn of the jet age in civil aviation with the launch of the Airliners stamps. Britain pioneered jet engine development and Royal Mail uses the anniversary to acknowledge the technological advancements and achievements in British aviation; from the first jet airliner through the Concorde era and onto the the very latest Airbus 340-600.

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Queens Golden Jubilee Flypast with Red Arrows
4th June 2002

RAF Pool Picture - Crown Copyright
The finale of the Queen's Golden Jubilee weekend, on June 4th 2002, was a fly past that included 27 aircraft from the Royal Air Force and a Concorde from British Airways

The Flypast, which took place at 18:20, was watched by Members of the Royal Family from the balcony of Buckingham Palace, while over one million well-wishers packed the Mall and surrounding streets for one of the most passionate displays of pageantry the UK capital had ever witnessed in modern times.

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